Art, Emotion, and Kids

Art is an incredible expression for many individuals, providing an outlet for joy, excitement, anger, and sadness. However, art education for children isn’t just for finger painting and pasta art. It can be a valuable avenue for expressing complex feelings that children struggle to discuss or communicate. Teaching kids to express their emotions through the use of a paintbrush or colored pencils will help them to see art as not just creating a picture, but as a tangible, physical extension of themselves. At Creative Learning Arts School, we’re proud to offer incredible arts education for children ages two to 12 years old with focus on painting, drawing, and sculpting. If your child is interested in learning the beautiful expression of art, contact us now for more information!

Emotional Education 101

The word “emotion” is often confusing for children, especially when it’s used in a negative or sad way. A great way for kids to conceptualize the abstract idea of emotion is to discuss it in an uplifting manner and how it pertains to color. Going around the classroom and talking about favorite colors or shade combinations and how they make a child feel can begin the conversation of the emotional range of colors. When kids see different hues, you can assist them in changing their perspectives of the color wheel and make it easy and simple to assign a feeling to a certain shade. Orange can be happy, red can appear to be angry, and blue can make a child feel calm or relaxed. Also, the mixture of two shades, like blue and yellow to create green or red and white to create pink can also be an avenue of expressing complex emotions or feelings through a child’s paint palette. By assigning colors to feelings, children can grasp how to express their emotions through the use of painting and coloring. When a child picks up his or her paintbrush, pencil, pastel, or crayon, the color isn’t just a color to him or her anymore. It’s a tangible statement that has the power to be a conduit of an emotion, feeling, or experience he or she wants to articulate via artistic expression.

Dealing With the Hard Stuff

It can be hard for children to understand how to talk about an issue, especially if it’s particularly difficult or saddening. The loss of a pet, a friend moving away, or struggling in a subject at school can bottle up emotions that may come out as angry words, tantrums, or lashing out at friends and family. Art class can be the perfect place to allow a paintbrush to become an extension of hurt and frustrated feelings. This is an especially good therapy for children who might not be as openly verbal or expressive as other kids and struggle to find the right words to express emotion. Kids can even change their negative experience into a story and rewrite the ending to reflect how they would have rather the outcome concluded. A child only needs to be given the artistic tools to communicate emotions and it can be an incredibly healthy and rewarding experience.

Art Education at Creative Learning Arts School

Creative Arts Learning School is an amazing place for your son or daughter to receive quality arts education in sculpture, painting and drawing. Our teachers are dedicated to always taking an individual approach to each and every student, so the classroom is run on ensuring every student’s success. Enroll your child now for optimum growth and education in an exciting and uplifting environment. Take a look at our online gallery for inspiration and a peek at our happy students. Contact us now to enroll your son or daughter in art class!