How to Enjoy Art Museums With Your Child

Exposing your son or daughter to art is a great way to begin an appreciation for the beautiful creations of both old and new artists. Taking your child to a museum may sound laughable, mostly because museums are quiet, full of expensive sculptures, paintings, and art pieces, and usually not viewed as a place for children. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy ways to bring your child to an art museum to enjoy viewing incredible art and expose him or her at an early age to the beauty of design, color, and innovation. If you’re searching for a unique and exceptional education experience for your child, don’t hesitate to check out Creative Learning Arts School! We accept children from ages two to 12 and provide a rich and engaging atmosphere for all of our students. We encourage creativity while giving every child in our care the vital learning experiences needed to live a full and abundant life. Contact us today for more information about enrolling your son or daughter!

Prepare Before You Leave

Before you exit the house, make sure that you have everything you need for a day at the museum. Extra clothing, diapers, snacks, small toys, and even treats such as candy are definitely beneficial to your excursion. Check out the museum’s website for a layout of the building and if any tours or family activities are offered. Often, art museums understand that families enjoy going to an art museum, and so they will offer accommodations and even exhibits geared towards children. If there is a specific artist or collection that you’re interested in showing your child, call ahead and make sure it’s still being shown and make sure that it’s available to be seen during the time you plan to be at the museum. This may seem like a lot of preparation, but thinking ahead before you walk inside the museum will save many meltdowns and crying episodes.

Play Games and Talk About Shapes, Color, and Design

A great way to keep your child engaged while in the art museum is to talk about the paintings and sculptures in ways that he or she can understand. Point out colors and shapes that you see, talk about what is a depicted in the paintings, and even play a game of “I Spy” to keep the conversation going and make the art more accessible for your kiddo. If the museum has a room or exhibit designed for children, spend some time there making art together. This is wonderful time to bond together and continue talking about how art affects you and makes you feel. You may even be able to bring home your own masterpiece as the perfect memento to a fun memory.

Enjoying art with your child can bring you both together and add depth to your relationship. You can start art education and exposure as early as you like, and spend time in museums and art exhibits, as well as creating paintings and drawings at home. If you’re searching for an excellent day school that’s focused on education, creativity, and fun for you son or daughter, check out Creative Learning Arts School! Our experienced and fun-loving staff is dedicated to each and every student’s success and growth. Enroll your kiddo today!