Enroll your Child in an Art Summer Camp in Bethesda, MD to Spike Learning

In our last blog series we posted about Creative Arts learning School’s best summer camp in Bethesda, MD. With a summer camp holding our name up strong, we know that we are a trustworthy place for your kid to spend their time this summer. With school out and students eager to get out and do activities, we have created a great place for just that to happen.

Enroll your child in an art summer camp that they will never forget. Not only will your child learn the ins and outs of how to do simple art including sculpting with clay, drawing and painting, but they will make friends and become social in the midst of all the excitement of learning art. Don’t worry, we don’t limit your child’s ability! Though we have great art classes for kids, we also provide outdoor activities and a language immersion program. With this language program your child will learn to explore many different languages and cultures of the world we live in. The language and cultures they will become familiar with include French, Spanish and Russian.

Do our toddler and kids classes at our art summer camp sound like a great idea for your child? If so, we invite you to visit us online here and read more useful information. To clear up any questions, be aware that our summer camps are ran in both Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland. Feel free to direct any questions about our curriculum or summer camp to us online on our contact us page.