Playground Areas at Greentree Childcare Preschool

Studies have shown that children that get outside and play in any type of weather, tend to develop a strong immune system. In order to combat immunodeficiencies that will plague them for their whole lives, children need to simply get out and get dirty – playing in the mud, puddles, as well as sunshine. With that, our driving philosophy is that kids need to be exposed to nature to be better students and stronger adults in the future. By giving them a chance to get some fresh air and exercise their bodies, the students will be better prepared to learn in the classroom. Current trends are moving a little bit away from that, and the health of children is suffering because of it. Let them play, so they can focus in the classroom. It is all a balance, and a balance in life is something worth striving for. Call us for Summer Camp information at 240-610-4462!