Fun Field Trip Ideas for Art Students

If you have a son or daughter who loves art and is always wanting more, a great idea for the upcoming summer season is to schedule some field trips to local places, museums, and other locations that you might not instantly think of but will still be exciting. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in fun and immersive art classes for kids this summer, contact Creative Learning Arts School! Our dedicated and experienced teachers are interested helping your son or daughter have fun learning and experiencing art, language, and education in an exciting atmosphere. Call us today for more information!

Botanical Garden

Usually in full bloom in the summer, a botanical garden can be a place of beauty and inspiration for the art student who loves nature. You can instruct your kiddo to bring a sketch pad or paper to the garden to enjoy creating a beautiful masterpiece in the midst of the plants, trees, and flowers. Talk about the colors, shapes, intricate designs, and the way nature makes your child feel.


Full of life with incredible fish and mammals, an aquarium is appropriate for all ages and a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon. Your son or daughter will be sure to draw inspiration from the bright colors of the tropical fish and the lithe lines of the sharks, eels, and stingrays. Some aquariums even have exhibits where you can touch and experience sea creatures in their natural habitat, so check out the website or call ahead for a schedule of events. You may even find yourself reaching your hand out to touch a starfish or sea urchin!


For the kiddo who loves buildings and admiring structures, local architecture in your town or city is a great way to experience incredible design work and gain inspiration from those who have the eye for building art. Local universities, temples, churches, and federal buildings are all great places to start, and you can check around other areas for some structures off the beaten path. Check to see if you can take a tour through a state capitol or local courthouse to enjoy the architecture in more depth, as well.

Memorials or Monuments

Many ways that great people and important historical events are honored are by utilizing art as the medium of expression. Check around your town or city to make a list of monuments to see, look up the history, and learn about the memorial with your son or daughter before you go. Viewing a historic monument may help your kiddo dream about creating a memorial one day in the future using his or her artistic skills.

Art is everywhere and enjoying local exhibits and collections is a great way to keep your mind open to seeing the beauty of everyday places. Teaching your child to see the beauty as well will only enrich and grow him or her to enjoy his or her surroundings even more. If your son or daughter is interested in learning more about art, Creative Learning Arts School is the perfect daycare for him or her. Enroll your kiddo today!