Best summer camp Bethesda MD right here

There are few experiences as a youngster that are more beneficial or memorable than attending summer camp. All the stories, the activities and the friendships made have a long lasting effect for sure. So if you are looking for the best summer camp in Bethesda MD for your child or grandchild then you need look no further than us. We take great pride in running a camp in which children are allowed to have fun without any pressure.

One of the things we try to achieve with our campers is to encourage them to try new things. The better camps try and inspire their campers to try and experience and learn new things in creative settings. Because camp does not have the feel of time constraints like school. Therefore, children are more likely to try out different things and activities such as a ropes course or a sculpting something — perhaps even learn a new language.

Rest assured that your child will be well rested and well fed. We provide and offer only the freshest and most organic meals. Having been in the summer camp business for a while, we know, almost as well anyone the importance of good healthy diet.  Summer camp also is a great mechanism to help you child become more independent, which is something every parent wants and hopeS their child is able to attain and develop. We encourage you to reserve a spot today for your camper, as slots are filling up fast.