Enroll your Child in the Best Summer Camp Around in Bethesda, MD

Summer is right around the corner. Most schools in Potomac and Bethesda, MD are finished at the end of this week. If you are one of the parents of a student or two that you need to find a safe camp for this summer, you have come to the right place. At Creative Arts School we have the best summer camps available! Not only do our summer camps revolve around learning great things like art, but they are fun and will keep your child active.

Is an art summer camp just what you think your child will love to spend their time doing? If so, keep reading! We like to use a lot of the same skills that we teach in our art classes for toddlers and kids during the normal school year at our art summer camps. Not only do they get to practice and master the skills that they have already learned, but if they are new to our program, they will have the best partners next to them every step of the way. We love to teach kids new things and activities daily. During our summer camps we will put all of the kids through different activities such as painting, drawing, sculpture, as well as outdoor activities. The outdoor activities you can expect your child to take part in include group games such as soccer, tennis, basketball and freeplay. If you feel that our summer camp would be a great fit for your child and maybe their friends as well, visit us online here!