Difficult Daycare Dropoff? Here are Some Tips

If your son or daughter is especially sensitive and struggles with separation anxiety, dropping him or her off every day at daycare can be incredibly stressful for both of you. Crying, screaming, and clinging to you can cause other children to become upset, and leaving your child when he or she is sad can cause you to feel distressed as well. In this post, we’ll detail some tips that can help the daily dropoff become less stressful and help the both of you to feel more relaxed in the morning. If you’re searching for a trusted daycare in the DC area that offers an incredible curriculum, look no further than Creative Learning Arts School! Contact us now for more information or to go ahead and enroll your child today!

Bring Something From Home

A doll, teddy bear, or beloved blanket can be a source of security and calm for a child who struggles with separation anxiety. While it may not be the same as your loving embrace, it will help to soothe any fears during naptime or when he or she is feeling overwhelmed by a new environment. Just clear it with the daycare provider first to ensure that it’s accepted in the classroom.

Talk About It

Even a toddler will benefit from you assuring him or her that you’ll be back and it will be easier for the both of you if he or she doesn’t cry or make a huge fuss during drop off. It may help him or her if you discuss the schedule of the day, the activities that he or she will be participating in at daycare, and if there will be any friends that he or she may know already. By talking about it calmly, it will help your kiddo understand that throwing a fit will only make the experience more overwhelming for the both of you.

Tour the Daycare

Before the first day of school, take a tour of the daycare, find your child’s room, and even meet the teacher and assistants. This may be a hugely eye-opening experience for both of you and calm any fears you may have. Allowing your child to see his or her classroom and the exciting opportunities that the space has to offer may even make him or her excited to go back. He or she will also know what to expect that first day as well, which can help alleviate stress and fear.

Stay Calm

If you’re trying to drop your son or daughter off and it turns out to be a full-fledged sob fest, try to remain calm as best as you can. While you may feel like crying yourself, remaining calm and relaxed will keep your emotions in check. Try to leave as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day, and if you do feel yourself feeling emotional, don’t show your child.

Daycare dropoff can be hard, but finding an excellent daycare in the DC area doesn’t have to be! Give Creative Learning Arts Center a call today!