Enroll In Our Bethesda Summer Program, Part One

Creative Arts School is committed to serving students in Bethesda and Potomac with the best daycare and preschool services that the area has to offer. Our unique curriculum places a focus on your child, providing them with a fully immersive educational experience. When your child attends Creative Arts School in Bethesda, they are not only exposed to more traditional academics, they also gain exposure to art and music classes, as well as immersive language classes for Spanish and Russian. Throughout the day, your child is encouraged to express themselves and let their imaginations develop. To learn more about our Bethesda preschool and day care, contact us today!

Summer is almost here, and for all of us here at Creative Arts School, we’re gearing up for our fantastic summer program! Summer is a great time for doing a variety of things, and at Creative Arts in Bethesda, we’ve designed a summer program for your child that provides them with a variety of fun and exciting activities. In part one of our blog series, we’ll look at a few things that your child can enjoy when they attend our summer camp.

Spend The Summer Enjoying The Outdoors

While we have a variety of fun activities planned for your child at our Bethesda summer camp, what would summer be without some fun and active time spent outdoors? One of the best parts of summer has to do with the wonderful weather and time spent enjoying the outdoors, and at Creative Arts School in Bethesda, our summer programs include a healthy amount of outdoor athletic activities. No summer is complete without swimming, and we are pleased to offer swimming as one of our outdoor activities in our summer program. We also offer other athletic activities like tennis, hiking, and soccer, helping your child enjoy the outdoors, the company of their fellow campers, and the gorgeous Maryland weather. For kids who may not be quite as athletically inclined as others, there’s no need to worry; we also offer chess as part of our athletic programs, helping students exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

Spend The Summer Learning

While the school year can definitely take a toll on a student, one doesn’t necessarily have to take a complete break from learning and acquiring new information. Another fun part of our summer camp program comes in the form of our language immersion programs. We offer Spanish, Russian, and French immersion programs as part of our school’s curriculum during the year, but we love it so much that we continue to teach it during our summer session. Your child will learn about and explore the languages and cultures from other parts of the world. Is your child a first timer to the summer program at Creative Arts School? No need to worry! Your child doesn’t need to have skills in Russian, French, or Spanish to join our summer camp. We will help your child develop these skills in a variety of ways, helping them learn and explore foreign languages and cultures.

Attend A Bethesda Summer Camp

Those are just two examples of our summer program here at Creative Arts School in Bethesda. If your child has attended Creative Arts in the past, then chances are you have an idea of how our curriculum works, as well as the quality that we are committed to providing every one of our students. Whether it’s your child’s first time attending Creative Arts or not, we want to provide them with an incredibly fun and memorable summer learning experience. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our fantastic Bethesda summer camp programs, get in touch with us today!