Enroll In Our Bethesda Summer Program, Part Two

In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few of the things that you and your child can expect when attending the summer program here at Creative Arts School. From our fun outdoor activities to learning about other cultures and languages, we make for a fun and exciting experience here aet Creative Arts. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few more activities that you and your child can look forward to when attending the summer program at Creative Arts School.

Creative Arts School in Bethesda aims to provide a unique and enriching learning environment for all of our students. Whether they’re attending our daycare, pre-school or summer camp programs, it is our goal to help your child reach their fullest potential and maximize their creativity. To learn more about our preschool and daycare programs in Bethesda and Potomac, get in touch with us today!

Fun and Fantastic Field Trips

Summer is a great time to do more than just sit around all day, and at Creative Arts School in Bethesda, we make sure that our campers never get bored during our summer programs, providing them with an array of different activities to keep them excited and engaged. In our previous post, we talked a bit about some of the things we provide our campers, from exciting outdoor activities to enriching foreign language immersion classes. Another great part of our summer program here at Creative Arts School has to do with the many exciting field trips that we take.

There is so much of the world to be seen and experienced, and we use our summer program here at Creative Arts School to help your child understand that there is more to their world than just their backyard. In the past, we’ve taken field trips to various parks, farms, and zoos, allowing campers to experience so many of the wonderful resources and places that we have the pleasure of living near. We’ve also taken field trips to museums like the Library of Congress, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian, once again furthering our goal of helping your child learn, even during the summer time. Our field trips are always a fun and exciting time for our campers in our summer program, and we can’t wait to continue the tradition during our program this summer!

Express Yourself

Creative Arts School has always placed an emphasis on your child’s learning, allowing them to express themselves and truly explore their creative sides. Our curriculum includes an array of enrichment activities that are designed specifically for this purpose, and this continues in in our summer program, encouraging our campers to see how they can express their creativity. Helping your child develop their creative skills through painting, drawing, and sculpture are some of the ways that we encourage creativity and expression during our summer program at Creative Arts School. Students who are already artistically inclined will love the time spent developing their skills as visual artists. Is your child not much for visual art? No problem! In the past, we’ve also offered drama play as part of our summer program, allowing our students to get on stage and develop their dance and musical skills.

Healthy Meals For All

With all the time spent learning, playing, and expressing their creativity, your children will certainly work up an appetite. If you’re worried about your child not eating balanced meals while attending our summer program here at Creative Arts, we can very easily put your mind at ease. Each session provides our campers with organic and freshly cooked hot meals throughout the day, with one breakfast meal, one lunch meal and two snacks. Not only will your kids be feeding their minds with all the fun activities that they’ll be partaking in, they’ll also be eating well during their time here at Creative Arts School

Attend a Bethesda Summer Camp

Those are just a few more things that you and your child can expect when attending our summer program here at Creative Arts School. We are committed to providing our students with a unique and fun educational environment, emphasizing growth and creativity through our language immersion courses and creatively minded curriculum. To learn more about our Bethesda summer camp, get in touch with us today!