Why Kids Should Spend More Time Creative Learning Outdoors

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Most parents would agree that they want their kids to be physically healthy, well-rounded, independent, and compassionate individuals. Encouraging children to spend more time outside, and even including it in their preschool learning, is a fantastic way to reach this goal! It pulls them away from technology, aids to their physical well-being, and helps them improve their emotional and intellectual health, too. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of incorporating creative learning outdoors.

Three kids riding their bikes through a field.

Improves Motor Skills

Outdoor play leaves kids with more advanced motor skills than indoor play does, helping improve balance, coordination, and agility. Kids who play outside are more likely to move in ways that challenge their muscles, bones, and physical endurance because they have space to run, walk, jump, swing, and throw. Plus, they can climb trees or play structures, ride bikes, and crawl around during pretend play.

Improves Confidence and Determination

When kids are allowed to practice their physical abilities, they strengthen their bodies and become more confident with their physical capabilities. Extended time outdoors can give kids a new perspective on the things they can accomplish physically, which can also improve their confidence in things they can accomplish mentally. Outdoor time gives kids the chance to challenge themselves and reach certain goals without them even realizing it.

Three Asian kids running through a park.
Small child bundled up in a snowsuit outside in the snow.

Stimulates All Five Senses

Outdoor play stimulates children’s senses much more than indoor playtime does. There are more things to see, more social interaction with other kids and adults, more things to smell, and more things to engage with. Kids who watch a lot of TV on the other hand are mainly only using two senses — sight and hearing. This can severely limit their ability to process and respond to sensory stimuli they encounter as they grow.

Aids With Brain Development

When kids are running around outside, they are inventing games, exploring the world around them, and experiencing feelings of independence. They are also cultivating their organizational abilities and decision-making skill as they work individually and with their peers to create games, solve problems, and implement their ideas and solutions. As they create games, they are likely also creating rules and are learning the importance of following those rules.

Large group of children running in the dandelion spring field.

These are only a small handful of the countless benefits kids experience when they play outside. Creative Arts Preschool helps your children grow into the amazing adults of tomorrow through enriching programs offered at our preschool. Visit our website to learn more about our commitment to early childhood development, and get in touch with us today.