art class for toddlers

Greentree Preschool Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture for  Ages 2-5

March 28, 2023

At Greentree preschool in Bethesda, MD art is part of our everyday curriculum, which includes painting (acrylic, watercolor, and oil pastel) on paper as well as on canvas. We focus on developing a sense of color, composition, and self-confidence. Our drawing classes focus on linear perspective in drawings, such as the line of the horizon,…

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Outdoor play

Best Summer Camp in Bethesda!

March 25, 2023

Call Greentree Preschool for more information about our Summer camp and Childcare in Bethesda, which is the best childcare near you! The purpose of Nature Camp is to provide children with the opportunity to step away from their screens and busy lives and spend time outdoors, making friends, and learning about themselves and their connection…

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Infant-Toddlers Childcare in Bethesda

Affordable Childcare in Bethesda, MD

March 24, 2023

There is that magic focus point in finding a childcare facility for your child(ren), and that is the convergence of cost + location. You may live near a childcare facility, but it may be cost prohibitive. On the other hand, you may find a childcare facility, but the distance from your work or home may…

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Creative Arts

Art Preschool in Bethesda, MD

March 1, 2023

Art classes at Greentree preschool are an important part of our Creative curriculum. Children learn how to hold a pencil correctly from 2 years old, which is not an easy task for little ones. Give us a call if you want to learn more about Greentree childcare/preschool in Bethesda, MD. Contact us at Greentree Preschool.…

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GreenTree Childcare in Bethesda!

Creative Beginnings at Greentree preschool

October 19, 2022

  Preschool is a big step for you and your child, and you may be wondering if you should just wait until kindergarten. After all, a lot of the curriculum overlaps, so why bother with preschool at all? The answer is clear: study after study has shown that kids who attend preschool are more prepared…

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Nature is a third teacher!

October 3, 2022

A child who spends time outdoors will be happier, stronger, and more confident. There are many benefits to taking your kids for a day in nature: Being Outside Benefits Their Mental Health. … Adventuring in Nature Increases Their Knowledge of the Physical World. … It Encourages Good Physical Health. … Spending Time in Nature Protects…

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Art after school

The Importance of Creative Arts During Childhood

July 11, 2022

Creative Learning Arts is a preschool that allows children to explore outside and enjoy the world around them. We want your child to feel comfortable and welcomed, and we ensure your little one is cared for on an individual level, and they have plenty of socialization opportunities. As a creative arts school, your child will…

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4 Reasons Your Child Should Join Our Summer Programs!

June 6, 2022

  Summertime is a great opportunity for children to explore their creative side! Creative Learning Arts School offers summer programs that are perfect for kids who want to learn new things and have fun. If you are interested in learning more about our programs, here are four reasons why your child should join us this…

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What Are the Benefits of Starting a School Routine at a Young Age?

April 27, 2022

Does your child have a school routine in place? Even if your little one isn’t school-aged yet, getting them prepared with a routine has more benefits than you may realize! At Creative Arts Preschool in Bethesda, we believe in giving children the right start in life, and that includes starting a school routine at a…

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How To Ensure Your Child Has A Great Experience With Daycare

April 12, 2022

If you’re like most parents, you want what’s best for your child. That includes finding a quality daycare that will help them learn and grow. But how can you be sure that they’re having a great experience at daycare? Creative Learning Arts School brings you a few tips to help make sure your child is…

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