Helping Your Child’s Creative Success : Part Two

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In part one of our blog series, we looked at a small handful of things that you can do to help your child succeed creatively. From providing them with an ideal environment at home that’s conducive to creativity, to simply being supportive and encouraging of your child’s choice of expression, there are many things that parents can do to encourage a child’s creative success. Wrapping things up in part two of our blog series, here are just a few more things that you can do to to ensure that your child’s creativity isn’t stifled.

Let Them Be Their Own Person

In addition to recognizing their achievements and accomplishments, it’s important to remember that all children are different, and that your child is their own person. Creativity isn’t something that should have a competitive element to it, and by comparing your child to another, even if you feel that it encourages your child to create, in many cases it actually does the opposite. With all children being different, the idea of being able to compare the creative pursuits of one to that of another is rather futile , to say the least. Whether its an older sibling, relative or classmate, comparing their work to someone else’s will likely only frustrate your child, effectively driving them away from the thing that otherwise makes them so happy.

Recognize Achievements

Going hand-in-hand with our previous point, another way to ensure your child’s creative growth and success is to recognize their creative accomplishments and achievements. As we stated earlier, no two children are the same, and comparing one to another can be detrimental. The flip side of this is to recognize your child’s achievements. If they share a drawing or painting that they made, show them that you appreciate their work by hanging it on the refrigerator or bulletin board. As you watch your child develop and grow creatively, let them know that their work is getting better every day. It’s also important not to reward your child for creativity, as this can effectively change your child’s motives for creation. Knowing that they will be rewarded in one form or another will change the way your child creates, as they will always expect some sort of reward for doing something that is incredibly rewarding in and of itself.

Send Your Child to a Bethesda Creative Arts Preschool and Daycare

Those are a few more things that you can do to ensure your child’s creative success. Another way to do so, of course, is by sending your child to a creativity-centric school like Creative Learning Arts School in Bethesda. To learn more about our Bethesda creative arts school and unique curriculum, contact us today.