Learning Center Bethesda

An Open and Inclusive Place for Your Child

Help Your Child Learn and Grow!

At Creative Arts Preschool, we’re here to offer your child a learning environment full of creative opportunities for them to explore. Our Learning Center is fully immersive, with a curriculum based on traditional academics as well as music and art classes, unstructured outdoor play, and language classes covering Spanish, French, and Russian. Here, you can start your child down the path of success!

Our Learning Center Enrichment Program Includes:

Art Classes

Music & Drama Classes

Spanish Language Learning

French Language Learning

Russian Language Learning

Outside Play Time

Field Trips

If you’re looking for an open and inclusive Learning Center for your child, then look no further than Creative Arts Preschool. Our teachers strongly believe that every child brings a unique perspective to the classroom, and we’ve made it our mission to encourage their creativity and imagination while teaching them the building blocks that will help them find success throughout their academic experience.

Giving your child the right start in life can not only affect their performance in preschool, but also the rest of their lives. At Creative Arts Preschool, everything we do is designed to give your child important skills and positive momentum they can use in elementary school and beyond!

About Us

Creative Arts Preschool has locations throughout Bethesda so we can offer our creative approach to learning available to more kids. We understand the importance of early childhood education, which is why we work hard to offer well-rounded programs for kids 2 to 12, from our immersive Learning Center and preschool to art classes and summer camp for kids. We combine traditional topics like letters and numbers with music and art as well as plenty of outside playtime where kids can exercise their imagination and pursue their passions.

About Our Approach

At Creative Arts Preschool, we believe in the Reggio Emilia approach, which emphasizes the need to put kids first. We adapt our curriculum to each child’s needs and interests, because we know there is no one-size-fits-all education! We collaborate with you, the parents, and the larger community to create a flexible environment purposefully developed to help your child succeed.

Tuition and Fees

Full tuition is due on the first day of every month. Any tuition paid after that date is subject to a $50 late fee.

  • Children under 2 years old: $2,150/month
  • Children over 2 years old: $1,950/month

We ask for an activity fee each year to cover school supplies and enrichment activities. This fee is due on the first day of your child’s enrollment.

  • Activity fee: $100/year

Get Started Today!

Give your child the start in life they deserve, and contact Creative Arts Preschool to begin the enrollment process! You can send in your security deposit here on site, and if there are no spots currently available, we encourage you to sign up for our waiting list. With three Bethesda locations, there is a good chance we can find a place for your little one! We look forward to welcoming you into our community.