Awesome Ways to Read to Your Child

Most kids are always going, going, going. Developing interest in reading is a great way to hone language and learning skills, teach basic spelling, and help prepare your kiddo for kindergarten. In this blog, we’ll detail some easy ways to help make reading fun and exciting for your child so you can enjoy learning together. At Creative Learning Arts School, we’re proud to offer an immersive daycare environment for all of our students here in Bethesda. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call to schedule an appointment or a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

Make Reading Exciting

Many toddlers won’t be able to sit still for a long time, so if your child is running, jumping, skipping, or tumbling when you’re reading to him or her, don’t get angry or upset. Young children have a short attention span and it can be difficult to sit for an extended period of time. Try to choose books that are short and engaging, and move around with your kiddo. If the character jumps in the story, jump along with him. This way, you’ll make reading time a fun way to bond together and it will help your child to enjoy learning from an early age.

Choose Books About Being a Toddler

Learning about potty training, trying new foods, meeting friends, and how to share will interest your kiddo and help him or her to learn about important aspects of life. You can even choose books about going to the doctor or the dentist if your child has an appointment coming up to help prepare him or her for the experience. By learning together about daily experiences, your child will be prepared for what to expect and be excited to try new and exciting things.

Pick Out Books Together

Spend time time at your local library and choose some fun books that you think your son or daughter might enjoy. By helping him or her learn to love reading, you’ll instill the joy of learning at an early age. Check out your community and library events as well for some kid-friendly reading times that will make books and characters come to life in new and exciting ways.

Talk About the Books

If you’ve recently read a book about a kid having a bad day or feeling left out from his or her group of friends, talk about those experiences together. Ask your child how that makes him or her feel, and discuss how to handle the situation if it should come about. Children connect with characters and stories, and talking about how a favorite character handled a story may help your kiddo have a different reaction or opinion to something that happens in his or her life.

Reading together is a great way to bond and learn as a family. Enroll your son or daughter today at Creative Learning Arts Center in Bethesda. We look forward to working with your child in our immersive daycare!