Kids Benefit from Creative and Immersive Learning

When you’re looking for a daycare or preschool, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your child. You know that you want them to receive the best education they can get, but what form does that take? At the Creative Arts School in Bethesda, we believe that every child can benefit from an immersive education rich in creative arts and strong academics.

Encourages Creativity

While your child will receive direction and instruction on how to properly handle materials in class, we want them to be free to express themselves. If that means creating a bright green dog sitting on a cloud, that’s okay! We want to encourage your child to think outside of the box, and a solid creative arts program gives them the freedom to explore options often neglected in traditional educational environments.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

All children need to work to develop their fine motor skills, and while most schools can help, they’ll see much more improvement when allowed to play in the classroom. When your child sits down with a crayon or a paintbrush, they’ll be working with different muscles than they do during the rest of the day. At the Creative Arts School, your child will be exposed to painting, drawing, and sculpture, giving them experience working with a wide variety of mediums, rather than simply playing with finger paints.

Increases Confidence

Our curriculum also features music and drama classes, designed to boost your child’s confidence while teaching them to enjoy performing in front of others. When children get used to performing in front of their peers at an early age, it makes it far easier for them to become adept at public speaking later in life. The horrible stage fright that plagues many of us simply won’t be an issue for them! Furthermore, playing a musical instrument has been linked to improved academic performance later in life!

Inspires Decision Making

In many traditional classrooms, children are directed on what to do, how to do it, and the precise method they must follow to achieve the desired result. While this is great in a laboratory or when tackling a math problem, it can have serious consequences on your child’s decision-making abilities. At the Creative Arts School, we encourage children to make their own decisions, whether it’s painting the sky red, or creating a new ending to their favorite song. They’ll have the direction they need to make good choices, but the freedom to make the decisions themselves.

Creates a Collaborative Learning Environment

Our arts program encourages children to interact with each other throughout the day. Rather than sitting at their desk, isolated in their own space, they’ll have the freedom to help other students while working on their art projects or while rehearsing the next school play. Furthermore, they’ll learn to appreciate each other’s differences as each child brings something unique to the group.
If you’re looking for a truly immersive education for your child in Bethesda, look no further than the Creative Arts School. Enroll your child today!