Four Ways to Continue Creative Childhood Education at Home

Here at The Creative Arts School, we’re passionate about childhood education in fun and immersive ways. We want to lay the perfect groundwork for your child to continue to excel and thrive as they grow. However, The learning doesn’t have to end when your child leaves the classroom however. At home, you can promote learning with these easy tips.



Dancing with your child will help him or her to continue to develop gross motor skills, become more aware of his or her body movements, and foster teamwork and self-confidence. Setting a good example by dancing together can also help your child to establish a love early on for moving and exercise. The best part of this activity is that all you have to do is turn the music on and start dancing! You can also create fun routines with jumps, hops, skips, and wriggles. Dancing is a great way to have fun with your child while helping them to learn and grow.



Music has long been proven to have a huge effect on children’s cognition, adaptability, and comprehension. At home, music is one of the easiest ways to continue education and expose your child to new sounds and ideas. You can listen to classical music, children’s lullabies and nursery rhymes, and or even the songs that mean a lot to you. While listening to a song, talk with your child about the melody, percussion, and voices. Ask your child what he or she likes about the song and talk about the different instruments playing or the message of the song. You can even practice rhythm by clapping your hands, stomping your feet, or tapping a table along with the beat of the song. Sharing the gift of music can be a sweet bonding experience for you and your child.



Drama is fun way to practice self-expression and learn to talk about feelings in a healthy way, but also build confidence as well. Your child will learn empathy as he or she gets to know the character being portrayed, and a larger vocabulary and storytelling skills will be fostered and exercised. The simplest way to enjoy dramatic play with your child is to create pretend characters and talk about who they are as people. Allow your child to embrace his or her character and take it in whatever direction he or she chooses. If an audience is requested, create one using stuffed animals. You can even make costumes using items around your home. A blanket can be a cape, a cooking pot can function as a helmet, and a few chairs pushed together can become a house or castle.



Drawing, painting, and finger painting all employ different parts of your child’s brain. Fine motor skills, action planning, memory skills, and attention to detail are all used when creating art. Art at home is also a fun activity to have on hand to help your child continue learning. Finger painting can be done using shaving cream, whipped cream, or even pudding. You can lay down a plastic sheet inside or outside and enjoy painting with your child. If your child is interested in different textures, try creating pasta art. Buy several different pasta shapes and glue them onto construction paper with your child. Talk about the different shapes as you’re creating the art, and count how many of each shape you use. You can also practice fine motor skills by stringing macaroni and other hollow pasta onto yarn. If your child enjoys coloring, have him or her lay down and trace his or her body shape on a large piece of paper. You can talk about the internal organs of the body and skeleton, and about the types of clothes your child likes. Your child might have to look at him or herself in the mirror a few times, which will help his or her brain to understand details and comprehend aspects of his or her appearance. You can hang the self-portrait on your child’s bedroom door when it’s completed.

Creating an environment conducive to learning at home is easy, and you can help your child continue to thrive outside of the classroom. Along with creating fun memories and bonding experiences, mixing learning with play will help your child to foster a love for learning in the future and will help him or her to determine sooner the best ways to help him or her learn best. The Creative Arts School wants to help your child succeed through immersive learning in the classroom, and we want to partner with you to continue the education at home. If you’re interested in placing your child in an immersive education atmosphere and giving him or her a head start on education, call The Creative Arts School. We offer a creative approach to learning for babies to preschool age children. The Creative Arts School offers an at-home atmosphere for your child to learn, grow, and play. Call us to enroll your child today!