Fun Creative Activities For Home

At Creative Learning Arts Academy, we are committed to providing your child with high quality daycare and creative learning services. Our curriculum puts an emphasis on art, music, and other creative pursuits, with art and music programs specifically for kids. Our curriculum is also one that offers Spanish and Russian language classes, as well as a non structured outdoor play environment. It is our goal to help your child express themselves and develop their imagination while learning. For more information about our daycare and creative learning services in the greater Bethesda area, contact us today!

If your child attends Creative Arts here in Bethesda, there’s a really good chance that you’ve got a bright and expressive little one on your hands. Furthermore, there’s also a chance that being creative at school isn’t enough for them, and they probably enjoy doing various creative activities at home as well. Creativity doesn’t need to be limited to the just the classroom or just home; doing both can only lead to good things! In this blog, we will look at some fun and easy creative activities to do at home to keep your child’s creative side nurtured even when they’re outside of the classroom.

Make Your Own Instruments

This is a classic, fun and inexpensive way to explore the world of instruments right in your own home. A wide variety of instruments can be made from things that you already have on hand. Coffee cans can be recycled and turned into drums, either by using their existing lids or by stretching a balloon over its top, and fastening it with a rubber band. Fall gourds can be dried out and turned into maracas. A tissue box, rubber bands, ruler and a thumbtack, can be easily made into a guitar. A paper towel roll, tin foil and some decorations can become a microphone. All these ideas are perfect to help your little one express their musical side using everyday objects found at home.

Painting With Melted Crayons

If you’ve got children, there’s a very high likelihood that you have your fair share of crayons at home, and surely, a lot of them are broken or worn down. Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them for a special art project. Melt down the individual colors and turn them into paints. Your child will love painting with these bright and vibrant colors. Given, you certainly want to wait until the wax is no longer hot, but not cooled down to the point of solidification. Let your child paint with these melted colors and watch them marvel as they dry on the canvas.

Making Clay At Home

Some artists love to paint, others prefer to draw, while some excel at sculpting. While Play Doh is a great way to introduce a child to the world of sculpting based art, you can take things to the next level by making clay at home. There are both bakeable and non bakeable recipes, and both produce fantastic results. Let your child sculpt and mold a piece of their choice, help them paint it, and if they choose to do so, bake it in the oven and watch their work solidify and come together wonderfully. This is a great way to preserve your child’s creations and, if treated with care, can last for years to come.

Putting on A Short Play

Depending on your child’s age, they may have started to develop a love of writing or telling stories. This one may require a little bit of adult supervision to get started, but if you’ve got an aspiring thespian on your hands, you can help your child write a short play that they can put on after some rehearsal. Put a variety of topics and characters in a hat, draw them at random, and then give your child a challenge to write a story about the selected topics and characters. Your child will love the challenge and put on a fun and entertaining story for the whole family.

At Creative Learning Services, we aim to bring the students of Bethesda with high quality education that nurtures their creativity. Whether their interest lies in drama, music, art or otherwise, our curriculum is one that helps your child develop their God given talents. For more information about our art and music programs for kids, contact us today.