Fun Winter Activities For Your Child

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Winter break is a time for relaxation, fun, and winding down from the busyness of the first half of the school year. Unlike summer vacation, however, winter break lasts for a shorter amount of time, and the colder temperatures put limitations on the sort of activities that one can partake in. With this in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide of some fun and creative activities for your child this winter. Let’s get right into it!

Treasure Hunting

Who said that a treasure hunt had to be outside, or during Easter for that matter? One of the downsides of the winter is being cooped up inside when the temperature gets to be too cold, meaning that you have to find fun ways to enjoy yourself indoors. For your child, a great way to do this is to set up a winter-themed treasure hunt. Select a handful of items for them to look for throughout the house, and let them spend their afternoon searching high and low for these bits of treasure. Decorative snowflakes, mittens, a package of hot chocolate or a scarf can all be fantastic ideas of things to add to your winter-themed treasure hunt list.

Take A Day or Weekend Trip

While a full-on vacation may not necessarily be in the cards for the winter, be it due to time constraints, price, or being confined to the indoors due to the weather, who said that a vacation had to be a huge ordeal? Even taking a day or weekend trip somewhere is a fun getaway, no matter how brief. If you’re not surrounded by snow and ice, finding a fun spot to go to for a day or weekend that’s driving distance can be a fun way to spend time with your child and family, without having to deal with the stress and process of taking a full fledged vacation.

Go Outdoors!

Of course, going outside can be a totally realistic thing if the temperatures aren’t too low and you dress for the weather. What winter wouldn’t be complete without some great moments spent outside? Skiing, hiking, ice skating and snow shoeing are all fantastic ways to spend time outdoors during winter, and as long as you and your family are dressed appropriately with scarves, hats, sweaters and good winter coats, you’ll be all set for a fantastic time filled with winter fun!

Have A Slumber Party

As a child, some of the most fun times spent with friends are at slumber parties. Prepare a large area that’s made especially for your child and their guest(s), turning your home into a new and exciting place. Of course, food and snacks will be needed, as no slumber party is complete without pizza and a wide variety of snacks. One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that your child and their guests may not be going to sleep at their usual bedtime, as the excitement of spending the night with their friends will surely raise their energy to a higher-than-usual level. Regardless, this is yet another fantastic way for your child to spend their winter break, enjoying the company of their closest friends from school or otherwise. Best yet, you can coordinate a few sleepovers with other parents in the area, meaning that all parents can be get a some much needed time to relax on their own as well.

Winter Reading

While this may not necessarily be every child’s first pick of a fun winter activity, reading over winter break is another fun way to spend the time away from school. Going to the library to pick out some books about winter break is a fun and relevant way to ensure that your child keeps learning even while they’re away from school. By the time they come back from break, they’ll be well rested and ready to learn, and it won’t be nearly as difficult for them to get back into the swing of learning.

Those are just a few fantastic activities that you can do with your child this winter break. Don’t let this fantastic time go to waste, there are so many fantastic things that you and your child can do this season! At Creative Arts Learning School, we are committed to providing your child with the best daycare and preschool learning experience in Bethesda. Our creative learning and foreign language immersion programs are part of our unique curriculum, and we aim to provide the children of Bethesda with a fantastic education.For more information on our creative arts school, contact us today!