Nap Time Tips for Kids

Nap time can either be a wonderful time when your child rests and wakes refreshed and ready to play, or it’s a time that involves frustration, crying, and not a lot of sleeping. Whatever you’re used to experiencing, naps are extremely important and essential for proper growth and development in children. In this post, we’ll discuss some nap time tips that you can utilize to make the daily nap routine simple and easy for everyone involved. If you’re searching for an excellent daycare center in Bethesda, look no further than Creative Learning Arts School. Offering an incredible and immersive curriculum and experience, you can be sure you’re placing your child in the best daycare center Bethesda has to offer. Give us a call to enroll today!

Routine, Routine, Routine

Children love routine because it helps them to understand boundaries and time constraints. That being said, do your absolute best to follow a naptime routine every day. If you notice that your child is starting to get tired around noon, try to put him or her down no later than that time. Of course, it can be hard to follow a schedule if something comes up or you’re traveling, but following a nap time routine and schedule will help your kiddo to be ready to go to bed at the same time every day. This will help him or her sleep better at night and help you to be able to plan your day around nap time.

Seize the Moment

Kids can go from being sleepy and ready to hit the hay to overtired and throwing a fit. If you notice your child is getting tired early, do your best to put him or her to sleep as soon as possible. While it may upset your day’s schedule, dealing with a toddler who is exhausted and too worked up to relax will definitely affect your day more. You should definitely pay attention to your child if you’ve had a busy morning, he or she didn’t sleep well the night before, or your kiddo is hitting a growth spurt.

Rest Time is Great

If you have an older child who still needs some down time during the day but is too old for a full-fledged nap, create a space and block out time for him or her to relax. Stop using all electronics, turn on some soft music, and allow him or her to chill for a few hours. Books, small toys, and even just lying still are all great ways to calm down for a bit. While your child might not fall asleep, resting is still a great way to transition out of naps while giving you a break and some well-deserved time alone, too.

Naps can be difficult to figure out, but once you find your groove, they can be a wonderful part of the day. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Creative Learning Arts School, give us a call today to get started! We look forward to hearing from you!