Reasons Why Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Foreign Language

One of the best ways that you can improve your child’s chances of excelling in school and in life is to place him or her in a foreign language class at an early age. Bilingual children have consistently been shown to exhibit better cognition, more creativity, and increased cross-cultural understanding. In this blog, we’ll discuss some reasons why you should consider a second language for your son or daughter. At Creative Learning Arts School, we’re proud to offer Russian and Spanish language classes for all of our students. If you’re interested in hearing more about our classes and curriculum, contact our helpful staff today!

Brain Benefits

Neuroscientists have consistently been fascinated by kids who are bi- or multilingual because brain scans have shown that these children have more gray matter in the part of their brain that is responsible for executive control. The daily act of choosing the right words from the correct language builds up this part of the brain, and bilingual kids have exhibited better performance on tasks that require multi-tasking, focusing, and problem-solving through creative methods.

Interpersonal Benefits

Language and culture are inherently connected, so learning multiple languages will increase the cultural awareness of your child. Children who speak two or more languages show more empathy and understanding for other people’s perspectives, which will benefit your son or daughter as he or she grows. Learning different ways of thinking and approaches of doing things can be difficult for some kids to learn, and understanding a different culture is a great way to teach the complex concept of empathy. This is a skill that your son or daughter will carry and utilize throughout life.

Increased Options

If your child remains bi, tri, or multilingual throughout his or her life, many doors and options will be opened to him or her. Countless scholarships and grants are created for bilingual speakers, and study abroad programs are a great way to be immersed in the culture and a lack of language barriers will only heighten the experience. Many companies are specifically searching for applicants who are able to speak several different languages, and the options to travel and live in different countries are endless. Your child will enjoy a higher salary and greater access to jobs.

Better Test Scores

If your son or daughter has another language under his or her belt, he or she will test better than other children. Scientists believe it’s linked to more gray matter in a child’s reasoning part of the brain, so the concepts that are often taught and tested will come easier and quicker for multi-language speakers. Giving your son or daughter the tools to excel in school will only increase his or her learning and cognition.

At Creative Learning Arts School, we’re proud to offer our students language classes that are taught in fun and immersive ways. We want to help your child foster a love for learning throughout his or her life, and we promise to always do our best to help him or her excel and thrive. Call us today to get started on the enrollment process!