The Important Benefits of Preschool

Preschool is a big step for you and your child, and you may be wondering if you should just wait until kindergarten. After all, a lot of the curriculum overlaps, so why bother with preschool at all? The answer is clear: study after study has shown that kids who attend preschool are more prepared for kindergarten and beyond than kids who don’t.

Creative Learning Arts School is here to offer the early childhood development your little one deserves, helping them build the skills and experiences they need to thrive. Our curriculum includes not only traditional academics, but also music and art classes, language immersion, and plenty of time for free play. Read on to learn why preschool is vital for your child’s success and register for Creative Learning Arts School today!

Gain Important Experiences

Age is one factor that helps your child be ready for kindergarten, but a better gauge is their skills and experiences. There are new expectations for their very first year of school, like being able to listen and follow directions, recite the alphabet, and write their name. You can help your child learn at home, but preschool offers a unique opportunity for them to interact with professional educators and learn alongside their peers, better preparing them for kindergarten.

An Introduction to a Structured Environment

Preschool is an excellent stepping stone to more structured education. It introduces your child to traditional academics in a fun way and gives them the chance to learn valuable classroom skills. Here, they can practice respectfully listening to the teacher and learning how to work on projects as part of a team.

Learn at Their Own Pace

Another advantage of preschool is that the more relaxed atmosphere allows for more individualized attention. Especially with a preschool like Creative Learning Arts School, which follows the child-led Reggio Emilia approach, your child will be encouraged to pursue their curiosity and learn more about the topics that interest them. Educators will also be able to discover areas where your child may be struggling and offer them more focused attention, helping them overcome some challenges before they come to the forefront in kindergarten.

Build Social Skills

Prior to preschool, your child’s social interactions are often limited to family and close family friends. Preschool gives them the chance to enter a more diverse community, make friends, and learn how to work with others.

Learn to Be Part of a Community

Kindergarten isn’t just about learning letters and numbers — there are also key social skills your child will need, and preschool can give them a head start. At a center like Creative Learning Arts School, they’ll have the opportunity to learn how to respect others. Sharing, for example, may be a skill they need to learn if they don’t have siblings at home that are close in age. Patience is another important aspect they’ll need, and preschool is the perfect place to practice, whether they are waiting in line for a snack or waiting for a teacher’s attention.

Become More Self-Sufficient

In kindergarten, teachers won’t have time to care for every child’s needs, and so preschool is the perfect opportunity to teach them self-sufficiency. Your child can learn how to take care of themselves – like washing their hands or blowing their nose – as well as better manage their emotions. They will experience challenges that you won’t be able to help them with, where they will learn to problem-solve or ask for help, and those key skills are what will help them make the most of kindergarten.

Register for Creative Arts Learning School Today!

Sending your child to preschool can be difficult for both you and your little one, but the benefits far outweigh those initial challenges. Your child will need a specific set of skills in order to successfully tackle kindergarten, and preschool is the key to helping them develop and hone those skills. From learning letters and numbers to learning how to share, preschool offers an invaluable opportunity for your child to get a jumpstart on the rest of their education. Turn to a preschool you know will put them first and register for Creative Learning Arts School today. We look forward to working with your family and having fun!