Tips To Get Your Kids Settled Into School

Back to school is here, and we here at Creative Arts Preschool are ready to begin a new year with your child! Creative Arts Preschool in Bethesda is a child-centered school that utilizes the Reggio Emilia approach to child learning that puts kids first. We offer classes in art, foreign languages, music, drama, and all of the other traditional subjects, such as math and science.

Creating Arts Preschool in Bethesda understand that getting your children back into the routine of school after a long summer off can be challenging, so today, we are offering up tips for you to get your kids settled back into school. Contact us today for more information about our daycare center and classes!


Establish a Routine

Humans are creatures of habit and are most productive when they have a routine to follow. Kids need routine as well so that they can know what to expect throughout their day and be prepared for it. Ideally, you will start your child back into a school routine a week or two before school starts. This includes a regular bedtime and a regular wake up time. You can add in everyday elements that they will have to do before school as well, such as breakfast and brushing their teeth. The idea is to get kids’ bodies back into not only a regular sleep rhythm, but also used to going through the motions of their routine. What we mean by this is that you don’t want kids to forget important steps, such as packing their lunch before school. By making these activities routine, they are less likely to be forgotten.

Go Shopping

Many kids are nervous about going back to school. From meeting new friends to getting used to their new teacher, a lot goes on in the first few weeks back at school. Creative Learning Arts School in Bethesda recommends that you go shopping for everything you will need for back to school early on, from school supplies to school clothes. Being prepared for what lies ahead will relieve some of the stress and worry from your kids’ shoulders and help them adjust to their new environment and situation. When your child is missing pens or paper on the first day of school, this can cause undue stress. Help ensure your child’s success by having everything they will need on those first few days of school.

Separation Anxiety

Many kids don’t like school because they don’t want to be away from you. After all, they’ve been around you all summer long, and now they are faced with nine-hour days away from their family. Separation anxiety is a major stressor, especially in preschool children. Often, just talking with your child about how they are feeling will be enough to ease their fears. Creative Learning Arts School recommends seeing if there are ways to ease their fears, such as allowing them to take their favorite stuffed toy in their backpack every day to school. The key to dealing with anxiety, including separation anxiety, is to keep the conversation going. Allow your child to express their emotions, and offer up solutions.

Encourage Involvement

Kids who enjoy school have activities and friends that they look forward to seeing and doing, and it’s much easier for you as a parent when you don’t have the daily fights about going to school. Help your kids make friends by inviting kids over to your home. Creative Learning Arts School in Bethesda recommends that you throw a back-to-school party, and invite your child’s whole class. You can also encourage your child to get involved in fall sports, like soccer or football. When your child is connected to the school, they will soon forget their carefree summer days and look forward to what each new day brings.


When you partner with Creative Learning Arts School in Bethesda, you are giving your child a great start in life. From music, art, foreign language, math, and history, your child will be put on the path to success with our child-centered learning curriculum. We emphasize unstructured outdoor play and field trips, as your child learns and grows in the world around them, and children ages 2 through 13 will love our art classes. We invite your to visit our school today, and see our unique approach to traditional learning!