"I’ve sent my 3 kids to Creative Arts Preschool" - Tricia Mulcahy

"I’ve sent my 3 kids to Creative Arts Preschool and had an amazing experience with the owner, Marina, and her lead caregivers. My elementary aged kids were much more prepared and acclimated to a school setting based on the structure and setup of Creative Arts Preschool. The facility at Greentree is like no other; always immaculately clean and organized. Marina’s lead caregivers have been with her for many years which speaks to her management and work style, and provides continuity and comfort that my children (and myself) need.
Between music class, field trips, pool in the summer and her wonderful playground area; the kids always come home exhausted and happy. I would recommend Creative Arts Preschool to anyone looking for a safe and comfortable home away from home."


Tricia Mulcahy

Yasmine Almond

"We enrolled our daughter a year ago when she was two years old. She has since blossomed in an active, confident and expressive three year old. We are extremely happy to have joined the school. It has brought so much to our family: a trusted and second family we can rely on when it comes to reaching milestones (potty training) and developing skills (speaking, dancing, putting on your shoes, coat, drawing). We are so happy to see very visible progress and development in our daughter and we attribute it to the numerous activities and hands on play and learning the kids receive at the school. I can list a few here:
– gross motor skills and strength: numerous toys, sensory stations (water, sand, grass, trees, stones, etc) and climbing structures outside the kids love. Truly an abundance of play stations and continuous additions of new equipment. Weekly trip to Dynamite Gym where the kids play with a great variety of gym equipment supervised by gym staff and school staff
– singing and dancing: our daughters sings in Spanish, English and another language I don’t recognize. She even invents songs. A music teacher comes weekly if not more. Music and dance an integral part of daily life. At home she loves to show us what she learned and puts on a ballet show daily.
-General confidence: the teachers are truly loving with the kids, always nurturing and embracing. We believe this has given our daughter a sense of community and security. She is very at ease in every situation and loves going to school.
– Developing curiosity and interests: They do nature walks and trips to museums quite often which is a lot of fun for the kids. She loves to tell us about her busy day.

It is truly an Arts school, for every artistic expression. It is on beautiful display on the end of year with all the kids and other shows and art work the kids create. Truly inventive and beautiful. We love all the teachers who have shown so much heart and care. We also appreciate that the school staff believe that structure is needed for children: they are expected to behave and follow some rules to live well with others and respect one another.

Thank you so much for all your professionalism and care!"

— Yasmine Almond

"Sincere thanks Marina!!!!!" - Wendy Lakshman

"I enrolled my son and then my daughter at Creative Arts and have been with them over a period of 5 years. I can say that I could not be happier with the care they have given to both of my kids. They create a very loving environment that has come to feel like a second family. They do a lot of creative artistic activities, have music classes, go on field trips, lots of outdoor play, have exposure to different languages. Pick-up and drop-off is super easy. I love the home-prepared meals. They have gone above and beyond on more than one occasion. For example, once I had a flat tire in the parking lot at pick-up time and they stuck around and kept my kids entertained so I could focus on getting the tire changed. I am so very grateful to have found this daycare, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Many thanks to Marina, Dora, Lorena, Karina, and Ana for helping my kids thrive, and helping me to feel confident in their daily care when I can’t be with them.

Sincere thanks Marina!!!!!"

— Wendy Lakshman

Wendy Lakshman
Instructional Learning Designer
Standardized Patient/Simulation Educator
Georgetown University School of Medicine
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410-258-5093 (cell)

"Creative Arts has been part of our son’s life since he was a few months old!"

"Creative Arts has been part of our son’s life since he was a few months old! He has been cared for at 2 of their 3 locations (Cindy Lane and Greentree). Both locations are excellent! The staff is very nurturing and attentive to all the children’s needs… No matter what time I show up at the daycare I see the children being taken care of and never unattended. Our son is learning so much… At just over 2 years of age he is speaking in complete sentences and being potty trained! He lays in bed at night and counts sheep in Spanish! His artwork is better than some I’ve seen in museums, dare I say? Never does a special event go by that Marina and her staff aren’t prepared… Halloween is a big event and so are the Holiday Party, Valentine’s Day, etc. The kids make gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Birthdays are also special for each child, Marina knows each child and what they like and the party is themed accordingly. Our child had Mickey Mouse party and another child had a dinosaur themed party… Marina has arranged for the local fire department to come by and see the kids as well. My wife and I are jealous that we have to go to work while our son is having so much fun and learning so much at the same time. We wish we were kids again to partake in everything that Creative Arts has to offer. The greatest endorsement that that we can give the daycare is that our son never wants to leave!"

— Mark and Heather E.

"Our son loves Creative Arts Daycare!"

"Our now 3 and a half year old son has been at Creative Arts for over 2 years and we feel exceptionally lucky and grateful that he has been receiving such excellent care. The care is personal, staff is nurturing, education is great, food is nutritionist, and summer camp and field trips are extraordinary! It is the best feeling any parent can have when you drop off you child at daycare and you see a big smile on his face. He never wanted to be picked up early and he loved everyone: Marina, his caregivers and teachers, art and music teachers. Bottom line, It is an outstanding daycare that provide excellent and personal care."

— Najat and Ali

"I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

"Our daughter has been attending Creative Arts School for nearly three years and we couldn’t be happier with what they offer. Not only does she speak and understand basic Spanish, French, and Russian, she also brings home incredible art projects and loves to participate in the activities like music class, cookie making, and gymnastics. I really can’t say enough good things about the owner and her staff. They take great care of the kids and genuinely care about their individual well-being. In short, Creative Arts School provides exceptional child care – I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

— Mary C.


"Our 19 month old loves it here."

"We love it. Our 19 month old loves it here. What we like is amazing attention to our child, true concern for his well being and the very positive attitude of the people. We love Marina and her team. Morning drop offs are a breeze and my son is always smiling. The attention, warmth and love given to children makes this a special school!"

— Nikhi B.


"Wonderful childcare center/school."

"This is a wonderful childcare center/school. My son attended for over two years before he went to pre-school. It is very clean and the teachers are caring and wonderful. They offer so many different opportunities: art, music, foreign language and play time. My child was even speaking Spanish words with an accent! I plan on sending my daughter in the near future."

— Erin R.