Benefits of Sending Your Child To Day Care

Creative Arts School aims to provide students in Bethesda with a unique and well-rounded educational environment. Our curriculum focuses on foreign language immersion classes and creative learning, and we are proud to say that our environment is unlike any in the city. To learn more about our program and curriculum, contact Creative Arts School today!

Creative Arts School also offers high-quality daycare services for parents that need local daycare in the Bethesda area. While some kids spend their early life at home before going to school, sending your child to daycare comes with a wide variety of benefits. Creative Arts Daycare, much like our school, is a unique educational environment that differs from your local daycare center. In this blog post, we will look at a few benefits that come with sending your child to daycare, from school preparation to improved behavior and more.

Prepare Them For School

It’s inevitable – when the time comes for your child to start school, making that transition will come with its fair amount of challenges. Being at home with mom and dad from birth will help them grow, but once they start school, making the adjustment from being at home every day to being elsewhere and away from their family can definitely take a little bit of getting used to. With this in mind, sending your child to daycare can help prepare them for school in a variety of ways.

For one, being able to get a feel for a typically structured school day will help them better adjust to preschool, as the structure will be easy to understand. Daycare is structured in a way that helps your child understand that each day has different activities and parts – from sitting quietly and listening to a story, to eating lunch, to naptime. Sending your child to daycare will help provide them with a basic understanding of what a day in school is like. Secondly, daycare is not just a place where your child is looked after – it’s also meant to provide the development that’s necessary for their future education. Not only will the transition from daycare to preschool be easier, your child will also be more developed and ready to enter school. Additionally, if you decide to keep your child in Creative Arts from daycare into preschool, they’ll already be familiar with our school, making the transition even easier for both you and them,

Better Behavior

In attending a daycare program, your child will be spending an extended amount of time outside of the house for likely the first time in their lives. While you may promote good behavior and have well-behaved children at home, introducing them into a new environment will encourage them to be on their best behavior. They’ll have to learn how to be respectful of their instructors and fellow students, and having them do this will ultimately lead to them being better behaved overall. This will not only benefit them in becoming better and more respectful people overall, but it will make for a better experience at home as well. Sending your child to daycare will help you raise a child that will be respectful of their teachers and elders, laying the foundation for them to grow into kind and respectful individuals.

Spend Time With Others

Another benefit of sending your child to daycare comes in the fact that they will be spending time with new people. While they may have siblings or friends from the neighborhood that will allow them to interact with others, starting daycare is a great way to help your child make friends of their own and become more socialized. While this will not only make the transition into school even easier, they will also be able to develop their social skills and become better at conversing with others. Additionally, they’ll also be spending time with adults. As we mentioned earlier, sending your child to daycare will allow them to become more respectful of others, and being around adults will allow them to converse with other adults and understand that they need to be respected in the same way that mom and dad are respected.

These are just a few benefits that your child will enjoy when they attend day care. At Creative Arts Daycare, we aim to serve Bethesda with the best daycare and schooling services in the area. We’re more than your local daycare center, providing your child with an environment that will not only encourage learning and development, but also a high level of fun and enjoyment. To find out more about our local Bethesda daycare center, contact Creative Arts today.