Creative Ways to Help Your Child Learn, Part 1

The first few years of your child’s life are packed full of learning new things, from names and faces to numbers and letters. Several studies have shown that what they learn – and how much they retain – when they are young can affect the trajectory of the future, through kindergarten and beyond. That’s one of the reasons why preschool is so essential to their success. It’s the perfect opportunity to transition from spending most of their time in the family home to spending time with their peers in school, and it gives them the chance to slowly acquire the skills and knowledge they’ll need in the years to come.

Creating Learning Arts School is dedicated to offering your child the best possible start in life with day care and preschool classes in Bethesda and Potomac. We provide them with activities that are fun and educational, from language immersion programs to interactive music and art classes. Explore our site to learn more about our curriculum, and continue reading to find out how you can apply some of the strategies we use in the classroom to playing and learning with your child at home!

Use Texture

Toddlers love to explore with their sense of touch. Use this to help prepare them for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond by using interesting textures and three-dimensional shapes to help them learn numbers and letters! You can find sets of foam letters and shapes online or at baby supply stores, but you can also experiment with some materials you can find at home or the craft store. Try pipe cleaners, cotton balls, or dry pasta and beans to create interesting shapes and textures that your child will want to revisit again and again. Say the name of the letter or number out loud as they explore each one to help them make the connection between the shape and its meaning. This can help them recognize words and numbers as they explore the world around them and have a better idea of shapes when they start learning to write!

Use Games

Want to help your child practice identifying shapes and colors? Make it fun! Try playing “I spy” or turning a trip to the grocery store into a scavenger hunt. Have them search for something red or something square and hone their understanding as you help them sort through what they find. For younger kids who have trouble understanding that apples are red and shaped like a circle, you can show them a few items and help them decide which one best fits those descriptors. You can also apply this strategy to letters and numbers — play the alphabet game next time you’re driving somewhere and help them find the answers on billboards and signs!

Use Pictures

You probably already have art and photos hanging around your house — use them to help your child improve their memory and develop word associations! Help them learn the words for aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa, and so on, and leave sticky notes or labels near the pictures to help reinforce the words and the letters they use. You can do the same with paintings by pointing out flowers or animals and teaching them the words for each. It’s an easy way to practice and you don’t need any special tools or materials!

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For more ideas on how to aid in your child’s early development, look for part two of this series in an upcoming blog post! Practice is an important part of learning, and making practice fun with colors, unique textures, and familiar faces can help make the most of their early years. Preschool is another essential step toward success. At Creative Arts Learning School, we make learning fun, and we help your child develop the skills and understanding they will need for kindergarten. Call today to enroll!