Looking For Toddler And Kids Classes In Bethesda MD?

Here at Creative Arts School, we encourage your children to explore their imagination, develop their motor and cognitive abilities, and increase their socialization skills through a child-centered, creative approach to learning. If you’re looking for toddler and kids classes in Bethesda MD, look no further! We offer an at-home atmosphere for your child so that they can can feel comfortable while growing, learning, and of course playing.

Besides the basics, we offer art classes, music classes, language immersion classes, and so much more. We firmly believe that enrichment activities should extend our students’ knowledge and understanding of the world outside of the classroom during these vital ages of their lives. As children get older, we take them outside of the classroom and take enrichment field trips to show them working farms, museums, and other various local points of interest.

We want your child to explore their creative and artistic abilities. Through one on one interaction and personal guidance, we help your child see what they’re capable of at an early age. Is your little Picasso is interested in one of our art classes? Is your little singer on her way to greatness? Then check out our music and drama classes! If any of our classes seem appetizing to you and your child, we highly encourage you to visit us online today and read more about the great summer camps we offer, as well as a full preschool curriculum of children’s arts, music, and language classes.

What are you waiting for? At Creative Arts School, we know and understand the vital age at which children should experience enrichment. The time is now. Contact us today!