Back To School: Best Ways to Prepare Your Child For A New School Year

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A new school year is right around the corner, and with that comes the sometimes difficult adjustment to getting back into the daily routine of school. Summer is always a great time to relax and recharge for a new year, but those first few weeks of classes can be rough on students. Because of this, we at Creative Learning Arts have put together this helpful list of tips that will make the transition of going back to school an easy one.

Start The School Year Bedtime A Week Early

Certainly for some, summertime means a later bedtime than during the school year, and why not? They’ve worked hard during the school year and deserve to let loose a bit. Of course, after a few months of going to bed a few hours later than they usually do, getting back into an earlier bedtime may prove to be difficult for your child, especially during that first week back. A good way to remedy this is to enforce that earlier bedtime a week before school starts, rather than just the night before. This way, not only will the first day and week of school be easier, your children will be well rested and ready to learn.

Education Doesn’t Have to End in the Classroom

While the school year can prove to be an incredibly enriching experience for your child, students have a tendency to let learning take a back seat during the summer, instead preferring to spend time with friends, being outdoors, or doing extra curriculars like sports. While these are all great and integral to your child’s development, a summer’s worth of excitement and activity can certainly make it difficult to sit in classes and focus on a lesson. The best way to resolve this is to create a similar environment at home leading up to the first day. Spend some time each day reading with your child, practicing handwriting or brushing up on other lessons. This will make it much easier for your child when they return to school, and they’ll be able to give their education their undivided attention.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

It’s true-breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, especially to young and developing children. While they may have spent the summer sleeping in and eating on less of a schedule, starting each school day with a healthy and balanced breakfast will prove to be incredibly beneficial to your child. Start the week before school with the kinds of breakfast foods that they’ll be eating during the school year, be it eggs and toast, cereal, pancakes or a smoothie. Like everything else listed, this will make that first week go much smoother.

So there you go, just a few helpful tips that will make going back to school far better and easier for both you and your toddler. For all your creative learning and daycare needs in Bethesda, contact Creative Arts School today!