Foster a Love of Reading!

Reading is an important building block for every child, but it can soon prove frustrating for kids who hate spending time with their nose stuck in a book. Encouraging your son or daughter to read is vital to his or her growth and confidence in the classroom. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy ways for you to inspire your child to read and help him or her to enjoy the new worlds and perspectives books can offer. At Creative Arts Learning School, we’re proud to offer a creative-centered curriculum for children aged two to 12. Contact us now for a tour or to enroll your kiddo today!

Offer Incentives

Some parents struggle to do this, but promising your son or daughter a special treat or experience if he or she completes the required reading or book for the school week may be a great way to make reading a positive experience rather than a subject that causes fights. If your son is interested in going to a baseball game in your city, promise that you’ll take him only if he completes his reading homework every day for that week. Or if your daughter is dying for a new pair of shoes, you can decide to go purchase them together after a few weeks of excellent reading is complete. This is especially effective for younger children.

Choose Books That Interest Them

Part of the battle of reading may be because your son or daughter doesn’t enjoy the reading material. Take a trip to the local library and choose some books that are on subjects that are interesting to your child. If your daughter loves dancing and chooses several selections that are about ballet or tap dance, she might spend all day in her room eagerly reading rather than playing outside or watching TV. Even if the book is above a child’s reading level, he or she may want to attempt to read it even if it’s advanced.

Read a Series Together

A great way to bond with your kiddo is to choose a popular series of books that you can read together. This can involve you both reading them on your own and then discussing them, taking turns reading a chapter or two in the evening aloud, or listening to a book on tape during a long road trip. You can keep each other interested and motivated to finish certain sections, making reading a fun experience to grow your relationship. Spend time in your local bookstore looking through several age-appropriate series and make the decision together.

Reading is a vital part of education and learning. It can be difficult for some children to enjoy reading, but working with your son or daughter to help him or her enjoy a good book will go far. Creative Arts Learning School is dedicated to the individual success of each and every one of our students. Call us today to enroll your son or daughter!