How to Expose Your Kids to All Types of Music

Music is one of the many ways to expose your child to a vast breadth of culture, sound, emotion, and feeling. Teaching your child the many different genres of music is a lifelong joy, and in this blog, we’ll talk about some easy ways to expose your son or daughter to different types of music at home and in the community. At Creative Learning Arts Center, we’re proud to offer music classes for all of our students because we realize the importance of music education. Contact us today for more information on enrollment and to hear more about our curriculum!

Music at Home

You can begin your son or daughter’s music education from day one. Singing nursery rhymes, such as “You Are My Sunshine”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, or “If You’re Happy and You Know It” are a great way to help your child enjoy music and also create sweet memories together. You can also listen to music together, and this is great method of connecting with your son or daughter. Playing songs that mean a lot to you and sharing them with your baby or toddler will connect yet another generation with the power of music. You can even create a playlist of relaxing music for your son or daughter to listen to at naptime or bedtime.

Purchase a few cheap musical instruments, such as drums, a child-sized guitar, and a keyboard. You may have to buy some earplugs for yourself, but allowing your kiddo to bang on drums and strum a guitar is a great way to expose him or her to music at an early age. You can even turn on some favorite songs and try “playing” along to the melody.

Music in the Community

Check your local community and events calendar for kid-friendly musical performances. Seeing a favorite movie that is accompanied by a live orchestra is a fun way to connect music with film and understand the importance of music for creating a mood and feeling. Many symphonies offer “instrument petting zoos”, where children are invited to come and touch, play, and experience different musical instruments. You can also take a dance class together or try out music lessons at a community center.

Music at School

Music education is taught in many schools and is viewed as an essential part of a well-rounded education. If your child is enrolled in a music class, take a few moments to ask him or her about what was taught that day and try to supplement it at home. If your kiddo is learning about classical music, listen to a few well-known symphonies or pieces on the way home from school. Busting out your favorite classic rock albums is a great way to understand rock music. You can even watch a few educational videos online together to watch a performer play a favorite song.

At Creative Arts Learning Center, we’re passionate about teaching music and believe it should be an integral part of education for every child. If you’re interested in enrolling your son or daughter in our daycare in Bethesda or Potomac, Maryland, call us now to learn more information and to get started! We look forward to hearing from you!