Three Fun Ways to Exercise Together as a Family!

Finding time to exercise can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a busy parent with a full-time job. However, you can choose to exercise as a family while teaching your child the importance of getting some form of physical activity every day! In this post, we’ll discuss some easy ways that you can begin an exercise routine with your kiddo so you can accomplish your goals and help your family enjoy working out together! While you’re exercising, you can discuss what your son or daughter learned during the day at Creative Learning Arts School! This Reggio Emilia-inspired daycare and preschool is the ideal place for your child. Contact us now for more information about our Bethesda or Potomac locations and to hear about our summer programs! Call today!

Family Boot Camp

You can create different exercise programs to focus on a specific body group every day, and make them kid-friendly! If you like to lift weights or use bands to add more resistance, purchase one or two pound dumbbells for your child to use. Of course, there are tons of exercise routines out there that are extremely effective and don’t require any type of weight or band. Once you create the exercise plan, try completing them with your child and spouse. A great way to reward yourself for a week of completed workouts is to go see an exciting movie, spend a day at the zoo, or enjoy a day at the pool or lake. While eating an ice cream cone or juicy hamburger is great way to indulge, it’s important to not teach your kiddo that food is a reward for working out. By choosing to enjoy a special experience together, you’re still reaping the benefits of exercise while not ruining your healthy diet.

Daily Walks

If you have young children or a baby, a daily walk is still a great way to get some exercise without requiring too much effort or planning beforehand. You can switch up your route and try walking up hills or taking the long way around to spend extra time working out. If there’s a park in your area, try walking to the park and spend time running, jumping, and playing with your child to continue your exercise routine while bonding together. Not only is this a completely free option for a workout, this is an excellent way to make use of your surroundings and get out of the house while working up a sweat.

Dance Party

Just because you’re stuck inside due to a rainy day doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise! Pop in a favorite album or turn on your workout playlist and start dancing! Dancing is a great way to loosen up and move your body while laughing and having fun with your kiddo. Not only will you both have fun and feel energized, but you can burn some serious calories just by busting a move.

Exercising is essential and a great value to instill in your child. If you’re interested in enrolling your kiddo at Creative Learning Arts School, don’t hesitate to contact us today learn more about our programs and curriculum! We look forward to speaking with you!