4 Benefits of Preschool

Enrolling your child in preschool can be a great first step in getting them used to the school environment and ready for kindergarten, but did you know that it also has other amazing benefits? Your friends at Creative Arts Preschool want to help you understand why putting your child in early education is so vital. To learn more, keep reading or contact us today! With multiple locations in Bethesda, Maryland we take a child-centered and creative approach to preschool education. See how we can inspire your child to explore themselves and the world around them!


Better at Following Directions

Kids can be stubborn and not want to do what they’re told, but being able to follow directions is an essential life skill and pivotal to success in a classroom environment. Early childhood education programs encourage children to listen to directions through managed discipline and positive reinforcement.





Establishes Social Development

Going to preschool is a significant social transition, especially for children without siblings. By interacting with other kids in a classroom environment, your child can learn crucial social skills like sharing, manners, and communication.





Promotes Physical Development

School provides many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to help children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Activities like writing with a pencil and playing on the playground can improve your child’s skills and give them better control of their body.





Provides Opportunities for Play

The type of play a child experiences is usually limited to what they have at home until they reach preschool age. By going to preschool, your child is exposed to new tools, toys, and experiences that they don’t have at home. Activities like music, art, and sports can stimulate your child’s brain and increase their curiosity and creativity!






If you want to give your child access to these great opportunities and more, then enroll them in Creative Arts Preschool. Our curriculum helps your children engage and grow with each other. Through art, music, language, and adventures, your child will become more aware of the world around them and grow every day. To give your child exceptional preschool learning experiences contact us or learn more about our programs here!