4 Ways Creative Learning Arts School Is Different From Standard Preschools

Your choice of a Bethesda preschool for your child is so important. After all, you want a preschool that values your child, nurtures them, and teaches them important facts and skills that they will need in the future. Creative Learning Arts School is a preschool with three locations in Bethesda. Below, we’ll take a look at how we are different from standard preschools. Get in touch today!

Our Curriculum

We take the Reggio Emilia approach to your child’s education here at Creative Learning Arts Preschool. This approach to preschool learning puts the child’s needs first so activities are adapted to meet their needs and interests. It’s a collaborative preschool learning approach that we believe helps our students thrive.




Our Approach

Here at Creative Learning Arts Preschool in Bethesda, we let children guide their own learning. By allowing children to investigate the world around them, all of their senses are engaging and they are actively learning rather than passively listening. We foster social interactions and include parents in their child’s education, too




Outdoor Play

We believe mightily that children should experience the world around them. Thus, we strive to allow children to spend about half of their time outdoors (weather permitting!). From playing on playgrounds to visiting local farms, we understand the importance and value of outdoor play.





Our Staff

Whole-heartedly it is our staff that sets us apart from other Bethesda preschool learning programs. Our teachers are passionate about instilling the best into your children. With caring and compassion, you can rest assured that your child is safe, happy, and thriving in our hands.






Creative Learning Arts School offers the best preschool program in Bethesda. In addition, we offer after school programs and summer camps. Our mission is to help raise the next generation to be active learners who can help take charge of their own education. Take a tour, and enroll your child today!