How To Find The Right Child Care For You

Whether you’re welcoming a new member of your family soon, or you’re currently taking care of your newborn son or daughter, you as a parent have to make a few very important decisions about the future. It’s natural to want the best for your young child and it’s important to seriously consider what type of child care services you’ll utilize in their early years. Creative Learning Arts, located in Bethesda, MD, is here to help you determine which infant daycare facility will be best for the development and socialization of your little boy or girl. Browse through our tips below and learn more about our preschool and daycare online!


Know What You Want

Sit down, either alone or with your spouse, and really take some time to think about what type of child care services you want for your infant or toddler. Consider what type of atmosphere you want your son or daughter to interact with and what mental, emotional, and physical areas you want him or her to grow in. For example, our Creative Learning Arts infant daycare locations create a warm, welcoming environment for all infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, providing hands-on learning opportunities from licensed teachers. Ensure that, if enrolled, your child will receive the exact level of care you provide for them at home!

Do Your Research

Once you have a few key characteristics you’d like to see in a prospective infant daycare or in child care services, now it’s time to do some research. Look in-depth into an organization's overall program, values, and professional experience so you can feel comfortable knowing your child will be well taken care of; answer for yourself: Do they encourage socialization? Are they child-centered? Our Creative Learning Arts preschool also recommends visiting any prospective location in-person and meeting the staff first-hand before enrolling your child.


Read Reviews

The best way to determine whether your son or daughter will benefit from certain child care services is to read prior reviews from other parents. If a parent expresses concerns over anything — security, curriculum, safety, or activities — take that very seriously and take it into consideration when making your decision on an infant daycare. Creative Learning Arts encourages current members of our parent family to leave feedback on our operations and several positive reviews are available for anyone to read!

Determine If Its What You Need

If all signs are pointing to an establishment like Creative Learning Arts being a high-quality, caring infant daycare center, then you can finalize your decision by determining if its child care services are exactly what you need. Does it provide the right level of care needed, for an infant or a toddler? Will the center’s program fit well into your work schedule? If the answers are both “yes,” then go ahead and move forward!


Give Your Child The Best With Creative Learning Arts

Early childhood development is critical to the overall life-long well-being of a growing student, and Creative Learning Arts in Bethesda, MD is an encouraging place to start. Our techniques are designed to immerse your child in creative arts, language, physical health, and more. Discover all our child care programs and contact us with any questions!