Welcome New Families

A Place Your Child Can Flourish

Welcome new families to Greentree Preschool! We have many locations throughout the Bethesda, Maryland area to better serve you. Our preschool and daycare is child-focused. We follow the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Below, we'll take a look at our many offerings and what sets us apart as a great place for your child's early education. Contact us today!

Creative Arts Preschool offers literacy, language, and math skills

Literacy, Language & Math Skills

Here at Greentree Preschool, we place an emphasis on helping your child develop literacy, language, and math skills since these are life-long skills that are best developed as early as possible. Our curriculum excels at incorporating these skills along with play to ensure retention.


Socialization is critical at a young age for children. Socialization helps children to manage their own emotions, as well as understand others. Children learn how to work with others, and they learn societal norms, such as what is acceptable in behavior. They learn how to problem solve, and they learn important communication skills.

Creative Arts preschool offers socialization
Creative Arts preschool offers outdoor play

Outdoor Play

Kids need a positive outlet to expend their energy, and what better place than the great outdoors. When kids play outside, they get much needed sunshine to produce vitamin D, exercise to stay strong and healthy, and a place to run, jump, and throw balls. In short, nature is the perfect place for kids to be kids.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kids who attend preschool are more likely to be prepared for kindergarten and thrive. Children who don't attend preschool are more likely to struggle. With Greentree Preschool, we let your child direct their learning so that they are more engaged. This gives our preschool curriculum the ultimate in customization for your child.

Creative Arts preschool offers kindergarten readiness

Greentree Preschool offers the best in daycare and preschool for your child in the Bethesda area. Our caring and compassionate teachers are vetted in order to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for your child. Class sizes are kept small so that your child will have the personal attention they need to thrive. Contact us for a tour today!